Free or Pro version?

The free version already includes many features, updates and support. It doesn't expire and also doesn't contain any ads.

The Pro version offers unlimited usage of the automatic tagging feature. You can install it on up to five (5) of your Windows or Mac devices at no extra cost.

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only 19 EUR
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Automatically Fix Your Songs

  • Automatically identify and tag your audio files
  • Add high quality album covers
  • Add song information from the online music database


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State Of The Art Tag Editor

  • Batch-edit the tags of thousands of audio files at once
  • Select, Edit, Cut, Copy and Paste just as in a spreadsheet editor
  • Multi-level Undo and Redo of almost all operations
  • Extract tags from file and folder names by using highly configurable name patterns
  • Rename, move and copy files and folders based on tags
  • Import, Export, Resize, Convert and Reorder album covers
  • Find and replace text, including support for wildcards and regular expressions
  • Swap, Insert, Merge, Overwrite, Remove and Split text
  • ...and much more
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Organize Your Music Library

  • Organize your music library with highly configurable and easy-to-use file and folder name patterns
  • Use different name patterns for single artist albums, compilation albums and single tracks
  • Use advanced name pattern features like dynamic functions, attributes and code completion
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Remove Duplicate Songs

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All Audio Formats, Tags And Fields Supported

  • Edit all audio formats, tags and fields
  • Edit tags in all written languages of the world (fully Unicode compliant)
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Free Updates And Support

  • Free updates
  • Free support
  • No expiration
  • No ads
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