Help: Windows warns about an "unrecognized" app

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You might see the following prompt stating the app is "unrecognized" when installing the latest AudioRanger version 3.4.0. (The previous AudioRanger version 3.3.6 is NOT affected by this issue.)

If you see the prompt, note that you can verify the publisher of the app by clicking the "More info" link:

Smartscreen prompt 1 Smartscreen prompt 2

Any copy of AudioRanger downloaded from this website is safe to install. AudioRanger IT is our registered business.

The alert message is merely displayed because the latest version uses a new code signing certificate, and it unfortunately takes several weeks until Microsoft will acknowledge this and update the database of their SmartScreen Defender.

Feel free to check the virus scan report from VirusTotal (an online virus scanner operated by Google) to verify the download.